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Timmarsain Yatra in Uttarakhand 2020

Timmarsain Yatra in Uttarakhand 2020

The wait to finally go to Timmarsain Yatra in Uttarakhand 2020 in Chamoli without any restrictions is finally over. Now the Timmarsain village in the Niti Valley of Chamoli district, adjacent to the China border, has been removed from the inner line by the central government and with this, the Timmarsain Yatra is going to open for the passengers from March next year.

Let me tell you that in the cave of Timmarsain like Amarnath, the Shivling of ice takes shape. Due to restrictions due to being in the inner line, people could not go to see Baba Barfani. But now the central government has removed all the obstacles and removed Timmarsain from the inner line in the Niti Valley of Chamoli.

Simultaneously, the way to visit the ice lingam in Timmarsain Yatra in Uttarakhand 2020 has also been opened. According to Tourism and Culture Minister Satpal Maharaj, the Timmarsain Yatra will begin from March next year.

Tourism will also increase in the frontier region through travel and employment will also increase with the commencement of activities which will also strengthen the economy.

Employment will increase and migration will also decrease due to an increase in employment. The decision to remove Timmarsain from the inner line is also very important in terms of security.

Let us tell you what this inner line is. Whatever areas are close to the border of other countries, those areas are declared here, such areas are very important from a strategic point of view. Restrictions in the area increase after coming to the inner line and permission has to be taken to go there.

In the area coming to the inner line, people can roam with a fixed duration and cannot rest there at night. Chamoli’s Timmarsain was still inside the inner line, due to which there were restrictions on going there.

But now the central government has removed Timmarsain from the inner line and all restrictions have also been lifted. And with this, the operation of Timmarsain’s journey will start soon.

There is a small cave of Lord Mahadev in Timmarsain near Niti village in Niti Valley, about 82 km from Joshimath in Chamoli district, where a snow Shivling is made like Baba Barfani Amarnath in winter.

Local residents visit the Shivling, but due to coming to the inner line, outsiders were unable to see the snow Shivling. In view of this, the government has finally removed Timmarsain from the inner line.

Along with the local residents, devotees from outside will also be able to worship Lord Mahadev and have darshan of the Shivling of snow. The government is going to start its journey from March next year and it is expected that there will be a rush of devotees here like all other religious places.

People will now be able to come from all over the world to see Baba Barfani in Timmarsain. From March next year, devotees will be able to come to Timmarsain to see Baba Barfani without any restriction and without any hindrance. Timmarsain Yatra in Uttarakhand 2020

Cabinet Minister Maharaj said that snow cutters and other equipment are being made available on Joshimath-Niti motorway and through that snow will be removed. Other arrangements are also being made.

Pilgrim tourism activities will begin with Timmarsain Yatra and employment opportunities will increase there.

Being famous as a pilgrimage site, Uttarakhand reports enormous visitor footfalls almost every year. If the ‘Adi Amarnath Yatra or Timmarsain Yatra in Uttarakhand 2020’ is started on the road, it is expected to provide residents of the villages with tourism-related livelihoods and also encourage tourism in the area.

Referring to this growth, Deputy Director of Tourism Yogendra Kumar Gangwar said that the Yatra would most likely start on February 10 during the Basant Panchami, which will continue until March 4.
Timarsain hill is believed by the locals of Niti village to be sacred where the shivlingas form. The residents also assume that before going towards his birthplace, i.e., Kailash, Lord Shiva once stopped and rested here.

Initially, Niti village had about 250 families living there, but with time, the number fell to almost 35. In pursuit of better jobs, people have migrated to other areas. Also, locals travel to other places during harsh winters and return only during the month of June.

And now with this latest growth, increasing tourism is expected to provide the locals with a steady means of income. A know-how official also shared that there are plans in the area to start homestays. Timmarsain Yatra in Uttarakhand 2020

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