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Story of Uttarakhand DM, who can also harvest the Crop

Story of Uttarakhand DM, who can also harvest the Crop

This is the Story of Uttarakhand DM, Rudraprayag:

With a sickle in hand, it looks like a picture of a common hill woman. But She is the DMs of Rudraprayag who started harvesting paddy by becoming farmers along with common women in the fields, all the people present there were surprised. This is the Story of Uttarakhand DM and her name is DM Vandana Singh Chauhan who always treats the people of Rudraprayag as friends. By the way, a government officer is given all the comforts and many officials do not even bother to know the world outside it. In such a situation, a daughter like Vandana becomes an example. Who knows how to run the country and also to run a house.

It is the blessing of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand that DMs are present here in many districts to serve the people who abandon their comfortable lives and go among the people and understand their problems by mixing them like ordinary people. And then make every effort to overcome these problems. DM Vandana Singh Chauhan also comes in the list of the same capable and good-natured district magistrates who spend time with the general public. He gets both love and respect from the public.

Pictures of DM Vandana harvesting on social media tell the beautiful story of the mountain. On 8 September, Rudraprayag District Magistrate Vandana Singh Chauhan reached Gadmil village in Agastyamuni block. She went there to assess the standard yield of the fields. A few days ago, during the inspection of the villages, she caught crooks among common women and started cutting the crop, after which the enthusiasm among the people also ran high and she praised the District Magistrate.

Story of Uttarakhand DM Vandana has proved that it is very important to become as common as they are to know the problems and problems of the general public closely. And this is what makes Vandana special. Let’s continue the Story of Uttarakhand DM

About DM Vandana Singh Chauhan:-

  • Vandana was brought up in a town called Nastullagarh in the Saharanpur region of Uttar Pradesh, into a standard family.
  • In her family, the instruction of young ladies was not a need. However, Vandana held the IAS dream since early on itself.
  • Her dad, Mahipal Singh Chauhan, broke a few standards and sent her external the town for additional investigations.
  • Vandana graduated in Sanskrit (Hons) from Kanya Gurukul, Bhiwani, and finished her LL.B. from BR Ambedkar University, Agra.
  • After her law degree, Vandana submerged herself in common administrations arrangement directly from her home.
  • Her family’s monetary status caused her to rule against instructing. Additionally, having taken a gander at the UPSC prospectus, she made certain of finishing it without anyone else.
  • She got support from her elder brother who is a lawyer by profession. She left no stone unturned in her IAS preparation.

Vandana Chauhan

  • Rank: 8
  • CSE: 2013
  • Local State: Uttar Pradesh
  • Endeavor: First
  • Medium: Hindi
  • Age when cleared the test: 24

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