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Reviews of Zomato and Swiggy Uttarakhand 2021

 Analysis of Food Delivery Apps (Reviews of Zomato and Swiggy)

This content (Reviews of Zomato and Swiggy) is completely based on individual experience in Uttarakhand.

Reviews of Zomato and Swiggy

Merits of Zomato:-

  • Your money will be refunded by Zomato if they find it genuine. They listen attentively to your problem.
  • Genuine ratings are shown in the app,
  • Much better offers, even when you order fewer quantities or less priced dishes. Especially, helpful for students.
  • Very few delivery charges – Rs. 10 currently, which is also almost always waived off by some code or the other.
  • More restaurants to choose from.
  • Extremely polite delivery executives, the reason may be the incentives they will get.
  • Zomato has a larger database, more users, more restaurants listed on their websites, table booking facility.

Merits of Swiggy:-

  • Effective customer service is in place for Swiggy. Until the customer is satisfied, they call you to follow up.
  • Swiggy believes in quality and takes a serious note of concerns relating to quality and takes appropriate action.
  • An option to cancel the order is given by Swiggy
  • Brilliant Offers.
  • Great Number of Delivery Boy.
  • Good UI.
  • Late Night Delivery Options are Great.

Demerits of Zomato:-

  • Their valets do not get to know what was requested by the client!!!!!
  • Smart Frauds are their Customer Service Executives who drag your cancellation requests to twist their delay on you as a refusal to loot cash.
  • When the delivery is significantly delayed by more than 1 hour, their app has no cancellation option.
  • Chat Focused Customer Service System Only.
  • Late-night food delivery is a concern.
  • Surge Pricing on charges for distribution.
  • Prices get even higher after taxes.
  • Moderate Customer Support.

Demerits of Swiggy:

I’m listing the points that I have personally felt:

  • If you book your meal, if you want to cancel within a minute, it gets freeze and you have to pay the cancellation fee, there is no way to cancel your meal as and when you push the button for your application order.
  • There are 2 styles of restaurant tie-ups in Swiggy. One is exclusive and the other is a regular tie-up. Now the restaurants that are exclusive with Swiggy will always have the top list, and as a general trend we select our meals from the first 10 visible restaurants, there are now few restaurants that serve the worst food even though they top the chart and we order food from them because they are the first 10 choices and our decision fails.
  • Charges for delivering and packing.
  • Swiggy will not quickly refund the money, and in 95 percent of situations, the money will not be refunded in case of any quality issue, or missing goods, or incorrect goods.
  • Swiggy will send emails without knowing your query, apologizing. Often the same message that Swiggy has let you down, and Swiggy is sorry.

Swiggy Vs Zomato (Reviews of Zomato and Swiggy):-

  • Time: When it comes to performing before time, Swiggy is the unquestioned king. Unlike “Zomato valets,” Swiggy delivery agents have hardly ever called me asking about directions to my place.
  • Deals/offers: Swiggy and Zomato both have deals that give you the same final amount at the end of the day. The main difference is that Swiggy has products more often than Zomato.

This was all about Reviews of Zomato and Swiggy.

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