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Register with Uttarakhand employment Exchange online

Kese Krein employment exchange office mein online registration?

This article will help you to find out why to register in the employment office and how to register online in the employment office. Employment offices are divided into zone wise in Uttarakhand. Earlier people have to register manually. By going to the office and showing the original certificates and submitting the photocopy of the documents in office along with the application form. So it was a very hectic and time taking process.

Now what government has done is that filling or registration in the employment exchange is done online. The government of Uttarakhand is doing so well for the people of the state. And making everything to be done on ease. Everything is being digitalized and services are being provided online digitally.

Simple steps to get registered:-

  1. Open any search browser.
  2. Go to the link http://rojgar.uk.gov.in/
  3. Click on Online Registration on the left sidebar of the screen.
  4. Then Click on CSC registration and fill the required details.
  5. Submit and get register.

Some of the employment offices according to the area are:

To get more information regarding the employment offices in Uttarakhand click below on the link provided:-


Why should a candidate get registered in employment exchange?

After getting registered, the candidate becomes eligible for the government job vacancies that might be coming in the near future. Candidate will be notified against the job vacancies. Depending upon the age, sex and education qualifications. Candidate will have sponsorship to take training under government schemes.

Many of the state government is providing unemployment allowance to the unemployed people. After getting registered in employment exchange office candidate will be eligible for the allowance. So it is very important for unemployed people to get registered in the employment exchange office. And to renew it in every three years for keeping it registered in the live records of data.

Benefits of being Registered in employment exchange office:-

  1. You’ll be registered as unemployed in that particular region. In the near future if any job opportunities come to the government. You’ll be eligible for it.
  2. You’ll be eligible for unemployment allowance (berozgari bhatta).
  3. To fill any state level exam you must be registered in the employment exchange office.
  4. You’ll become eligible for taking training under government schemes.
  5. Candidate will become part of live data of registration in the employment exchange office.
  6. Registered candidate will be notified for new job vacancies.

Renewal in employment office:-

After every three years or within every three years candidate needs to renew the name and details in the office. So that he/she will be the part of the live data and calculations of the employment office.

Candidate can renew it till the two months after completing three years. After three years and two months candidate has to register again. So it is better to register before it gets expired. Renewal Is a very short process in comparison to the registration.

How to renew in employment exchange office?

Take the X- 10b form. Or the form containing registration number given at the time of registration to the nearest employment exchange office.

Nowadays some of the offices are having computers.  They will give you one new form after the renewal. But offices where still computer systems are lacking. They will make a correction and will extend the date for three years. So it is better to renew within three years rather registering again.

To get more information regarding the renewal. And to get the information in Hindi go through the link provided below.


This is a verified link and information under link is provided by the government officials itself.

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