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New Education Policy 2020 | Uttarakhand

After 34 years, New Education Policy 2020 came and the changes in education policy:-

10th Board ends, M Phil will also be closed, the Ministry of Human Resources will now be the Ministry of Education.

Significant changes in New Education Policy 2020:-

  • Under the new education policy 2020, now students up to 5th will be taught in the mother tongue, the local language, and the national language only. – The remaining subject, even if it is English, will be taught as a subject.
  • Now the board examination will have to be taken only in the 12th standard. Whereas before, it was mandatory to take the 10th board examination, which would not happen now.
  • The examination will be done in the semester from 9th to 12th class. Schooling will be taught under the 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 formula
  • The same college degree will be 3 and 4 years old. That is, the certificate will be given in the first year of graduation, diploma in the second year, a degree in the third year.
  • Under this New Education Policy 2020 students will have flexible entry and exit points during higher education. A 3-year degree is for those students who do not have to take higher education. At the same time, students doing higher education will have to do a 4-year degree. Students doing a 4 years degree will be able to do an MA in one year.
  • Under this New Education Policy 2020, now students will not have to do MPhil. Rather MA students will now be able to do a Ph.D. directly.
  • How large-scale opinion was conducted for this education policy can be easily gauged from these figures. For this, 2.5 lakh gram panchayats, 6,600 blocks, 676 districts were consulted.
  • Students will be able to take other courses in between.
  • By 2035 the gross enrollment ratio will be 50 percent in higher education. At the same time, under the new education policy 2020, if a student wants to do another course in the middle of a course, then he can take a second course by taking a break from the first course for a limited time.
  • Many improvements have also been made in higher education. Improvements include graded academic, administrative, and financial autonomy. Apart from this, e-courses will be started in regional languages. Virtual labs will be developed. A National Educational Scientific Forum (NETF) will be started. There are 45 thousand colleges in the country.
  • The Modi government announced a new 21st-century education policy, renamed MHRD.
  • The same rules will be for all government, private, deemed institutions.
  • Higher education secretary Amit Khare said, ‘Technology and online education have been emphasized in the new reforms. Right now we have different rules for deemed universities, central universities, and standalone institutions. The rules will be the same for all under the new education policy 2020.

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