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National Career Service(NCS) | Jobs | Registration

National Career Service(NCS)

What is NCS India?


National Career Service is one of the best initiatives by the Ministry of Labour and Employment government of India. It is the platform where a job seeker can get a job based on his/her skills. And without giving any fees to the recruiter. It is completely free of cost service. Job providing companies, government companies, consultancies can also register and can give employment to the people. It will somewhere help in decreasing the rate of the unemployment rate of India.

The motto of NCS:-

Due to the increasing rate of unemployment, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a platform for the youth and students who are going to pass out. The youth of the country is the major area of unemployment. So this is the main reason for launching this platform where skilled people can get relevant jobs. Government do not charge any fees or any kind of help for providing this service.

Mission mode of National Career Service is to establish a quick and efficient career-related service. It was launched by honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And giving power to the youth to get skilled and to generate employment.

This career centre is a platform for all the services where the youth and students can apply so that they can get jobs related to their skills. Government from its side is doing good for the sake of people. But the information is not being circulated properly to the people. Many of the people don’t even get the news of the launching of new platforms, their benefits and other things.

NCS is not only for the job seeker. But any employer, household user, any skill provider, counsellor, placement organisation and government department can also join the NCS. They can provide jobs to the needy and skilled people of the country so that they can get what they deserve.

How to Register your name on NCS website?

To register on NCS, follow the steps below:-

  • On the right side of the window, there is an orange colour small box on which the New user is written.
  • Click the New User button and Sign Up.
  • A dialogue box will pop up, select the choice for example Jobseeker.
  • Fill the details like your name, place, gender, number, password and aadhaar card or pan card etc.
  • Click on submit and your profile is registered.


National Career Service (NCS) helps in getting jobs

How to search for Job on NCS?

To search jobs on the NCS follow the down written steps:-

  • Open the website of National Career Service(NCS).
  • Sign in or Sign up.
  • Type the title of the job you are looking for in the middle of the window.
  • Enter the city, sector and experience.
  • Check out the result shown after the search and click the relevant jobs and apply for it.

After the registration, the job seeker must update his/her details time to time on the portal so that relevant jobs can be notified. Updates like education, courses and places should be kept up to date so that job providers can reach easily and suggest relevant jobs to the job seeker.

So it is highly recommended that people should register on NCS. Aware people about the jobs and to get the relevant jobs for free just on the basis of skills. Share this information to the maximum people so that just because of your one share one can get a good job. And people can get settled in their life.


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