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Which business to start in Dehradun ?

Directly coming to the reality and not hitting around the bushes, that starting a business is not an easy task. We all know it requires a good idea, plan, people and most important capital i.e Money. So here i’ll be sharing ideas which requires money and the ideas which do not require money. Business works on a simple trick that if you want to earn you need to invest first. It is a quality of a leader to take calculated risk.

So if you are planning business in Uttarakhand or business in Dehradun you need to read this article where i have discussed the ideas. (You must be thinking if i have ideas so why i’m not working on those ideas and not starting my own business. So don’t worry i’m already working on my idea which is not listed here, these were the ideas i was trying first and they all are really good. Just the matter of interest).


1.  I believe investing in property and land is one of the best choices here, generally individuals get together and establish a mutual fund, purchase some property in bulk and do the plotting (which is dividing big chuck into smaller components for retail purchasing). But invest only with trustworthy group and always either register your property or make a licensed contract, there’s no bro area here, otherwise you may be cheated.

 2. Open a Khoka\ Redi (cart) near Paltan bazar, run it or find a seller and sell something that’s inexpensive, you’ll be surprised if I will tell you that a ‘nadewala’ who shouts “madam, Nade lelo” earns more than 2000 a day. It means he is earning more than an fresher (engineer or doctor) nowdays. Hope you’re getting me here what i really want to convey to you. Just sell something that’s inexpensive, individuals just come to paltan bazar for cheap (economical) and budget stuff.

3. Supply raw materials from Dehradun to near places like Delhi, especially pahadi fruits such as Lecchi, KaaFal, Mango, Rice and many more you may not have seen if you can set up a cold storage supply chain, not only will you gain for yourself, but you will also bring wealth to poor hill farmers.

4. Business of Destination Wedding. This business in Dehradun or Uttarakhand is kind of emerging business. As uttarakhand is hub for tourists many of them wants to marry in peace, calm places and Uttarakhand is the best place for them.

5.Take store in one of the malls and sell inexpensive Chinese stuff and gifts for girlfriend/boyfriend , like 99 stores! mean, people are going there and buying 10 rupees for 150 without the bargaining. People will bargain with those small vendors who are selling things just for their survival and will happily spend their money in malls just to maintain their standards. So this is the high time to take out money from those people who are doing so. 

6.Recycle plant is not there in Dehradun  even in whole uttarakhand you will see very few. If someone is looking for the big business they can have this idea. This will generate money and  your name will be called with respect because somewhere you are doing good by dumping waste and making environment plastic free and ecologically green.

7. One can open a big shop of organic food items. Like we are noticing that polished pulses are coming in markets. We can’t even see a good quality ghee in market. If a store who will sell pure pahadi stuff like (gaon ka pure ghee), pulses, food ingredients, pure milk. Trust me people gonna buy those things within the blink of an eye. But the things which are getting sold must be pure. Because people are earning good now they just want real stuff to be healthy and will pay high rates for the genuine product.

8. A proper hostel for boys and girls with proper mess. This is a bit big project but trust me there are so many students in Dehradun who comes for further studies and coaching they take a room for 4-5k and 3-4k for tiffin system from outside. This usually results in time waste of students and they don’t get proper environment for studies. So opening hostels near a university would be a good business in Dehradun.

9. At last very common business is Rent out and Leasing. This is one time investment business and very popular business in Dehradun.

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