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Bhadraj Trek in Uttarakhand 2021

Bhadraj Trek 

Bhadraj Trek in Uttarakhand for beginners is a modest, well-balanced trek. It can be completed in one or two days as one of the best weekend treks in Mussoorie. Milkman’s Trail is called the trail to Dudhli Village, as it helps every day to supply milk to the Mussoorie area. You are likely to be envious of the “milkman” given that on such a lovely note he gets to start his day. Gangetic plains slope down on either side, all along the ridge, while Himalayan ranges sit snug in the distance.

One of the best day hikes near Mussoorie is the Bhadraj trek in Uttarakhand that takes you through a scenic forest walk to reach the Bhadraj temple at the mountain top (2,200 m). Bhadraj temple is dedicated to Lord Balbhadra on the top of the mountain. In the north, Assan barage to the west & Doon valley to the south, Bhadraj Hill offers a 360 degree panoramic view of the higher Himalayas.

Bhadraj Temple

Lord Balbhadra (the younger brother of Lord Krishna) is dedicated to the Bhadraj Temple. In these tracts bordering the Yamuna, the idols inside are intriguing and are said to represent Buddhist influences that were once very present. When the villagers throng the temple to make milk offerings to the lord, the temple holds an annual fair from 15th to 17th August. The mela (fair) is a great affair and has been given level ground and even a helicopter pad for stalls.

The great advantage of this hike is that, even in the hot months, a cool breeze follows you all the way, because the higher you ascend, the colder the wind on your face will be. The views, whether to the snow peaks in the north or to the Shivaliks in the south, are expansive, and a constant pleasure is the shady path through the oak jungle.

Suggested Itinerary:

From Clouds End, a renowned picnic and camping site with beautiful surroundings, the thrilling trek to Bhadraj Hill begins. Proceed on the trail leading through a dense forest from the vast meadow that is Clouds End. You can note that the trail is split into two after walking for about ten minutes. Choose the route leading to the Clouds End Hotel; Dudhli village is the next destination when you arrive here. The trek goes on in a downward fashion from this point onwards until the village of Dudhli. The next three kilometers of the trek are, therefore, fairly straightforward.

The trail is once again found to be separated after walking for about half an hour. By choosing the trail on the right, continue with the Bhadraj trekking journey. The route takes you to a green forest full of lush oak trees. In the forest, you can find a number of trails going towards Dudhli, and you can pick any one of these to enter the village.

As it is home to those who supply milk to the inhabitants of Mussoorie, Dudhli is generally known as the village of milkmen. Look for an ascending trail that begins near a certain newly built building when you arrive here. The path heads towards the right side of this structure and leads to a shop written in the Devanagari language, which goes by the name Dukaan. This Bhadraj Trek in Uttarakhand trail ascends from here towards the second ridge of the forest.

For a few hundred meters, continue the path until you reach the point where the trail bifurcates. Head on to the path that continually ascends towards Bhadraj Temple. You will see a sign further ahead on this route showing the distance to the temple from here. You will find at this stage that the walk has become a little more challenging. On this road, the next one and a half kilometers are very rocky and difficult. The trail will open up into vast grasslands after some time. Treat your eyes with the views of the Swargarohini and Bandarpoonch Ranges. Enjoy a picturesque stroll.

You can enter the upper part of the Bhadraj Forest when the expanse of the grasslands ends. It is possible to complete the 2-km walk from here to Bhadraj Trek in Uttarakhand in about an hour. A reasonably simple trek on smooth and flat land is the first kilometer. The next kilometer, however, is a walk that will take more stamina and determination. To enter a rain shelter, leave the forest and then continue towards the temple.

At the shrine, pay homage, and then resume your trek to the top of the hill. At the summit, a panoramic view of the majestic Himalayas awaits you. The Bhadraj Trek in Uttarakhand Forest and Temple ends here, after which you head back to the village of Dudhli, following the same path. You can catch a jeep from the village, going down to Mussoorie.

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