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Best Momos Points in Dehradun

If you are looking for the Best Momos Points in Dehradun then this article is for you.

Dehradun – The city of love and peace is not only famous for Education but also is a perfect destination for Momos lovers. Here, you could see a momos stall in every 2-3 km radius but there are some places that are only famous for Momos. So, I’m listing Best Momos Points in Dehradun.

Some of the Best Momos Points in Dehradun are listed below:


It is one of the best and my favorite destination for Momos. I imagine what my life would have been if there were no Kalsang in Dehradun and Mussoorie. This place offers some of the best Thai and Chinese cuisines in Dehradun and Mussoorie. Also, this place is most visited by tourists and I considered this as one of the tourist attractions. Ask anyone, Where do you want to go? , or have you been there? the answer is Kalsang and yes. The ambiance is simply awesome but the rates are comparably high. If you are an epicure and love Chinese food then this place should be there on your bucket list.

According to my ratings:❇ Chicken Steamed Momos -10/10❇Chicken Chilli momos-10/10

The average price for 2 people- Rs 500 approx


2.Singh soup bar

Started it from a small stall in Rajpur road where all the momos used to sell within 3-4 hours. I never got a chance at that time to try their momos but now turned into a big place with proper seating. The best time to visit this place is during the evening. If you haven’t tried momos of Singh Soup Bar then trust me you must visit it. If I am at Rajpur road and looking for the best Chinese food with a pocket-friendly amount then I always visit this place especially for the momos and chicken soup. I love their momos be it non-veg, veg, or cheese. They are just amazing and worth it.

According to my ratings, Food taste ❇Chicken soup=9.5/10 ❇Chicken thupka=10/10 ❇Chicken Steamed momos=9/10❇Cheese momos-10/10 Food value= 10/10

Cost for 2 people-Rs 300 approx


3.KC Soup Bar

It is one of the oldest soup and momos stations in Dehradun. I share a special remembrance with this place when I along with my friends used to visit this place especially to celebrate a birthday or even after the end of the exam. During school days, we contributed Rs100 each then and had lots of momos and return happy faces. Earlier it was located at Rajpur Road, now it is in Jakhan and is still one of the most visited eateries to have Chinese food. It is one of the best place considering Best Momos Points in Dehradun.

According to my ratings:❇ Veg Noodles-10/10❇Chicken Steamed Momos 9/10❇Chicken Thupka-9/10

The average price for 2 people- Rs 300 approx



It is one of the most visited momos points in Dehradun. Angeethi momos offer you a variety in momos and it was the first point in Dehradun to introduce different varieties of momos. Their rates are very economical and momos are just wow. The problem which I face every time is that they don’t have proper seating. Although it’s a 3-floor restaurant, If you get a seat on the ground floor then you should consider yourself lucky but if not then its too claustrophobic and suffocating on the other floors. I personally like their Achari and Kurkure momos.

According to my ratings:❇ Veg Steamed Momos-8/10❇Cheese Momos-8/10❇Achari Momos-9/10❇Kurkure Momos-9/10

Cost for 2 people- Rs250 approx


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