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Best Hangout Places in Dehradun 2021 | Uttarakhand

Best Hangout Places in Dehradun 2021 | Uttarakhand

  • Pacific Mall
  • Robbers Cave
  • Buddha Temple in Clement Town
  • Shiv Mandir, Rajpur Road
  • Sai Mandir, Old Mussoorie Road
  • Maldevta Waterfall
  • The FRI
  • Rajpur Road has a number of cafes and restaurants
  • Sahastradhara
  • Dehradun Zoo or Malsi Deer Park

1. Robbers Cave Best Hangout Places in Dehradun 2021:

Guchu Pani Dehradun Uttarakhand Robber Cave is a natural cave formation in which rivers flow into the cave. The place is a popular tourist spot and people come to their friend’s hangout.

2. Buddha Temple Best Hangout Places in Dehradun 2021:
The Buddha Temple is also the best place to have a hangout, located in Clement-Town. It has a very eco-friendly atmosphere and people come from far off places to visit the Buddha temple. From the Buddha Temple terrace, we can have a bird’s eye view of Clement town and can feel the fresh breeze touching our cheeks gently.

Buddha Temple facts: The history of the Buddha temple in Dehradun began in late 1965 when it was built as a replica of the original Tibetan temple monastery. It was founded as one of the four schools of the Tibetan religion and was called “Nyingma.”

The other three schools are called Sakya, Kagyu, and Geluk, and in the Tibetan religion, they also have great significance. It is assumed that about 50 artists who took three years to create such a beautiful structure of golden paint had designed and painted the temple.

Shops, restaurants, and a book store are also open. Most of the books are in the Tibetan language and are most probably intended for the large Tibetan community surrounding the temple to buy. Best Hangout Places in Dehradun 2021

The interior of the temple is only open to the public on Sundays, and to enter the viewing platform, one should ascend the stairs through several levels with their ornate decorations. A panoramic view of the city of Dehradun can be seen after reaching the top of the building.

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3. Pacific Mall Best Hangout Places in Dehradun 2021 :

Pacific Mall is the beloved shopping, dining, and lifestyle destination of Dehradun. It was the beginning of this groundbreaking project back in 2013, which later developed into Uttarakhand’s prime shopping complex.

In order to implement the unmatched shopping experience for shoppers in Dehradun and neighboring areas, the famous national and international brands joined together. People visit this place for fun, entertainment and, obviously, for an authentic shopping experience, from every corner of the city and even beyond. At least 25k shoppers every day are accepted by more than 175 handpicked brands. Best Hangout Places in Dehradun 2021

In addition to its special shopping characteristics, the mall has some of Dehradun’s best hangout locations. A great area for fun and entertainment is the five-screen PVR multiplex right before the popular food court Salt.

Visitors often spend hours and hours in the Funky Kingdom. The Funky Kingdom is a playground where everyone has something to sell.
In addition, the mall also hosts many festivals and flea markets every so often.

In the Pacific, musical groups, celebrities, professional dancers, and many other entertainers perform to entertain the guests. With a huge parking facility, the mall occupies a gross area of 300,000 sqft.

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4. Dehradun Zoo Best Hangout Places in Dehradun 2021 :

A long way in the run, Dehradun Zoo has come and this ranking is well deserved. The place was previously named The Malsi Deer Park, where there were very small but beautiful species of deer.

The place began to treat the wounded or unwell rescued animals gradually and today, this children-friendly tourist spot has 350 different kinds of animals and birds such as Barking deer, Spotted deer or Chital, Leopards, Crocodiles, four varieties of Tortoise, types of Parrots, types of Pheasant birds, Peacocks, Cockatiels birds, Love birds, Turkey, Emu, etc.

The newly built fun area, aquarium, and a 3D park, apart from the birds and animals being the reason for the visits, are also some of the zoo’s tourist attractions. This must-see venue was considered a mini zoo in 2012 and it was renamed Dehradun Zoo in 2015.

The place has seen a huge rise in tourism over the years; 2.10 lakh tourists visited in 2014-15 according to the statistics, while 3.20 lakh visited in 2015-16, 4.30 lakh visited in 2016-17, and the graph went up with a visit registered by 6.50 lakh tourists in 2017-18.

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