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Best Cafes in Mussoorie with good ambience 2020

Mussoorie, being a famous traveler objective, has a platter from various foods to bring to the table. Other than nearby foods, there are numerous other fascinating features to the cooking here. One discovers Chinese, Tibetan, Indian, Thai, Moroccan, Italian, Goan and worldwide cooking styles in the town. Do enjoy the cakes, biscuits just as the numerous Cafes and a couple of hookah bars here.

Some of the Best Cafes in Mussoorie with good ambience are:

1.Cafe By The Way

Situated on the primary shopping center street, on the main floor, ‘Cafe By The Way’ is ideal for quick rests and light in the middle of bites. The proprietor, Rajat Rajpal likes to get ready and serve espresso himself. The bistro is his work of enthusiasm and that is noticeable in the stylistic theme and the manner in which he takes care of the visitors. The bistro is in an old British Building and Rajat has kept up the character well. The presentation of vintage stuff like old records, bike and cameras further complement the provincial character of the bistro. It is one of the Best Cafes in Mussoorie with good ambience.

Most popular for their espressos shakes, you can get hardly any bites like sandwiches, garlic bread and panini. The decision of prepared items is entirely nice. There is additionally open air seating and nature is loose. The reward here is the free Wi-Fi for visitors. Generally speaking, this bistro has something for everybody and is an incentive for cash.

2.Little Llama Café

Tucked away from the clamor of the shopping center street is a youthful couple’s (Tenzin and Lynette Lama) dream, a happy bistro—Little Llama Cafe. Known for its scrumptious Italian, Continental and Asian toll, this bistro is a mainstream joint for the two local people and voyagers, particularly youths. It is one of the Best Cafes in Mussoorie with good ambience.

The feature of the bistro is its porch where you can appreciate the all-encompassing perspectives on the encompassing valley while relishing your supper. ‘Nourishment for the Soul’ is the witticism here and the food readiness, administration and vibe completely legitimize it. The menu is intriguing and can be seen composed at the slate directly at the passage. A portion of the absolute necessities is hummus falafel platter (veg and nonveg), succulent burgers, steamed and seared momos and arranged pizzas. For wellbeing cognizant, there is a decision of a sound plate of mixed greens as well. Remember to approach them for the ‘exceptional of the day’ as you submit your request.

In any case, don’t miss their smoothies and shakes. Besides, hot cocoa is beyond words! In general, an extremely beguiling spot emphasized with beautiful pots of greens and stunning knick-knacks from the proprietors’ very own assortment. Bravo serene minutes to share the excellence of the slope station.

3.Cafe de Tavern

Mussoorie’s most easy-going restaurant is an extraordinary spot to drop in for pizzas, southern style paneer burgers, throughout the day oily morning meals highlighting bacon and a treat menu to fulfill your sweet tooth. It’s a decent spot for a beverage, as well, doing global lagers and sangria and mojito mixed drinks by the container. Its coffee espresso is quality. It is one of the Best and the most visited Cafes in Mussoorie.

4.Cafe Ivy

Cafe Ivy is the ongoing expansion to the acclaimed Char Dukan region of the peaceful Landour area. It is a fun and easygoing cafe to have an incredible feasting experience. Music is energetic as is the spot. The steps prompting the bistro develops the enthusiasm as they are flawlessly finished with a shade of LED lights and beautiful vases.

One can’t miss a major copper pot set on the head of the cafe close to their board. Similarly, as with the outsides, the insides also are fascinating, loaded with reused wood and part of vintage stuff, perfectly to summon the mountain feel. The chimney finishes the image; you’d be enticed to have some newly blended espresso. The lighting is stylish and contemporary. There is a pass on the deck that neglects the flawless valley. It is one of the Best Cafes in Mussoorie with good ambience.

Cook Sanjay Dimri is extremely gifted and stirs up incredible pizzas, pastas, burgers, nachos and sandwiches. Try not to miss ‘mom rose pasta’ which is a velvety and unique arrangement. There is additionally a decision of stuffed parathas presented with curd. Regardless of whether requested to make something off the menu, he won’t frustrate. Try not to miss having waffles and flapjacks here. A gathering of little fellows make an honest effort to offer great help and it is honorable.

The spot has just become all the rage; henceforth there is a steady pouring in of foodies with tables booked ahead of time. At the point when you sit out on the deck and eat, be cautious about the neighboring monkeys before they remove your food. The administration’s young men do watch out for them. Stroll in at any time of the day, have a healthy dinner and unwind with prepackaged games or a decent book.


Kalsang serves three unique cooking styles—Tibetan, Thai and Chinese—under one rooftop, and even has an outlet in Dehradun. “A comprehensive 10-page menu that covers everything from entireties to soups to seared noodles,” gourmet expert Thapar enlightens us regarding the bistro. “Request for the steamed momos—they have paper slight housings with new fillings,” says the gourmet specialist. “In case you’re hoping to analyze, they offer one with cheddar filling as well. It is one of my favourite and the Best Cafes in Mussoorie with good ambience.

Remember to arrange their steamed bun, tingmo, with soup and their claim to fame, the Tibetan margarine tea,” she includes. The culinary specialist additionally suggests their singed noodles, thupka and Thai curries, among the numerous Tibetan and Asian dishes on the menu. Star tip: It’s in every case full, so arrive much before your feast time.

6.Landour Bake House

Situated close to Sisters’ Bazaar, this the ideal spot for one to take in some regular magnificence. The stylistic layout will help you to remember pioneer time, and has the vibe of an English Tea House. Discussing the menu, the gourmet specialist says, “The menu highlights works of art from ‘The Landour Cookbook’, and contains to a great extent of new breads, cakes, baked goods, biscuits, tarts and arranged treats.

The menu likewise offers a tea determination and incorporates works of art like madeleines.” Don’t miss their hot cocoa either. It is one of the Best Cafes in Mussoorie with good ambience.

7.Clock Tower Cafe

Only neighboring the clock tower (henceforth the name), Clock Tower Cafe is a most loved with the youthful group, and is likely one of the most encompassing restaurants in the slope station. With a brickwork outside and huge windows, the inside of the bistro is stuffed with character and a major portion of peculiarity—adjusted openings, wood components, material lampshades, banners and photos of well-known characters put over the dividers, and surrounded billboards with eccentric messages—you could cheerfully put in a couple of hours here.

Browse an adequate mainland menu of pizza, pasta, sandwiches, burgers before proceeding onward to dessert (their New York cheesecake is intended to be delightful), and gather together with a steaming hot latte. It is one of the Best Cafes in Mussoorie with good ambience.

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