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Best Cafes in Dehradun with good ambience

If you are looking for the Best Cafes in Dehradun, so this is the right place for you. We have written the blog on personal experience so you can trust on the reviews.

1.TONIC-The Open Informal Cafe

If you wanna experience something new, visit this place. I personally like to visit this cafe again and again. It has open-air terrace seating. Best time to visit it at night as there are live performances during the night. There is also a special place for couples but that is mostly occupied.

Here you can experience the best crowd of Dehradun. The aura of this place makes you fall in love with this place and compels to visit this place again. This place can be visited both with your family and friends. If you are looking for a perfect evening then this is the place for you. The quality of the food is good but it’s expensive. So, One can plan this place for special occasions.

According to my ratings: ❇️Food-9/10(chili chaap was the best) ❇️Ambience-9.5/10 ❇️Staff-9/10


2.Cafe Village highway

This is one of the Best Cafes in Dehradun cafe could be easily reached as its located opposite to Forest Research Institute. It has two-floor seating. While entering, this cafe gives you a feel as if you have entered a real village.

Moreover, we were offered water in copper glasses to give us feel and aura of the village and its location is in Dehradun- Punjab highway so its name completely justifies “cafe village highway”. The interior is beautifully decorated and the best thing about this cafe is despite it being a village theme cafe it feels as if we are sitting in a village in a foreign land and it is indeed one of the most beautiful cafes in the city.

I went there with my friends and we ordered white sauce pasta, hazelnut shake, and one tri-colored flavored drink. The pasta was good, hazelnut shake was exotic but the tri flavored drink was horrible. We could hardly consume that. I also found this cafe expensive so we didn’t order much. The service was pretty good. The cost for two people is 500 approx. We also faced issues in billing as the machine was not working but no worries as there were other online payment options available like Paytm, Google Pay, Bhim UPI, and Phonepe. Visit this cafe and do share your experience with us.


3.Cafe Nostalgia

Another one of the most beautiful cafes in the city, Dehradun is this Cafe Nostalgia located in Kaulagarh road near Rajendra Nagar. It has two-floor seating. I went to the upper floor. It looked as if you have entered outside India. It’s beautifully decorated, I found fewer people visiting this cafe as its outer walls are not that attractive. As it is said we cannot judge a book by its cover the same is the case with this cafe.

The staff was very friendly. When asked they even clicked our photos. The rates were high. Cost for 4 people 1500 approx. I found the food was not worthy of the price.

According to my ratings:❇️Ambience-10/10❇️Masala Guava-6/10( waste of money)❇️Staff-10/10❇️Garlic Noodles-9/10❇️️Chilli Chicken-7/10


4.Cafe de Piccolo

Piccolo is an Italian word meaning small and it is indeed a small Cottage theme based cafe. This cafe has a beautiful location in Rajpur between Mussoorie diversion and the famous Sai Temple. It is a very beautiful cafe and its location adds up to the value of this cafe. It has both indoor and outdoor seating and it is one of the most crowded cafes in the city. Most of the time you have to wait for the seating.

This cafe can be visited with friends as well as family. It also features light English songs. It has chairs as well as mattresses for reclining. If interested in spending quality time then you should go to the upper seating. When I visited this cafe I saw people in the age group 50-60 visiting this cafe. You could also find many foreigners visiting this cafe due to a plethora of food options being available.

This cafe is famous for coffee and I saw varieties of tea and coffee options on the menu. I went there with my friend and we ordered chicken lasagne, chicken cheese grilled sandwich, and cold coffee and I was mesmerized by the presentation and the friendly staff. I tried lasagne for the first time and I liked it. But the problem was we were only 2 people and the food that we ordered was very heavy. We could hardly finish the lasagne so we left it. I also found the rates very high. The cost for two people is 1000 approx. But this is a must-visit cafe in Dehradun.


 5. Raasta Doon

Raasta a Multicuisine Restaurant is a newly built restaurant in clement town. They have both indoor and outdoor sitting. Their ambiance is very nice and this is the best place to relax in clement town. They have this theme to call the staff through the bell. Its an affordable place and the best place for college students as there are hardly any good food places with lovely ambiance in clement town.

Out of all the cafes or restaurants in clement town they offer the best food and its simply worth for money. They also have a separate area for parties and they charge Rs 1000 for decoration and DJ but as we were 9 friends and we ordered much so we asked them can we use the hall so they allowed us to use the party hall for free. According to my ratings: ❇️Food-9/10❇️Ambience-8.5/10 ❇️Staff-10/10 You must visit if you are from Graphic Era University.


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