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Apply Online CSC Registration Form 2021

Apply Online CSC Registration Form 2021 

Phase Flow of the Apply Online CSC Registration Form 2021

The following steps are required for the registration of new CSCs:

  • On the web link, click: Click here
  • Enter a valid mobile number to complete your registration, enter captcha, and press Submit.
  • NOTE: Your given mobile and email will be used for any contact purpose before the CSC ID is established.
  • Also, one mobile number can not be used to register for multiple CSC Ids.
  • Authentication is the next step for registration.
  • Virtual ID is required (VID). VID is a 16-digit random number, temporary, revocable, mapped with an Aadhaar number. Apply Online CSC Registration Form 2021
  • The Aadhaar number from VID can not be derived.
  • Visit the link to generate/retrieve your VID: https://resident.uidai.gov.in/vidgeneration
  • Required Documents

A) Photograph

(b) Copy of the Highest Certificate of Education

(c) Proof of identification

(d) Proof of Address

(e) A copy of the cheque canceled

(f) Copy Pan Card

(g) Images from the CSC Core (Inside and Outside)

  • A form opens upon efficient authentication.
  • Please fill out the information and submit it.

You will receive an approval number for further reference after the registration is done. You will receive an email of acknowledgment about the successful completion of your application on your email address given during the registration process.

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State of submission for registration Apply Online CSC Registration Form 2021 

  • Click the following link on the web: Click here for status 
  • Fill in the application reference number that was sent on the successful registration of your email post. Apply Online CSC Registration Form 2021

What to do if a request is denied of Apply Online CSC Registration Form 2021 

  • Understand the reason behind the application rejection and then reapply.
  • Please be informed that the application for CSC center registration is free.
  • For registration or any other CSC related things, please don’t pay any fees/money to anyone. Apply Online CSC Registration Form 2021

Contact information for support Apply Online CSC Registration Form 2021 

  • Number of Helpline: 1800 3000 3468; Email: care@csc.gov.in; helpdesk@csc.gov.in
  • Click here to view the state/district manager’s contact information.
  • Source: portal of the CSC
  1. There has been a great deal of misunderstanding about the CSC or Common Service Scheme. What’s that? What’s it doing? Is it going to help us in some way? We will address all of these issues today and dive deep into what the CSC is all about.
  2. As part of the “good governance” model, the Universal Service Scheme was implemented. It is said to be a two-in-one approach that will help revamp public services’ front-end delivery networks while promoting rural entrepreneurship in order to build jobs. Apply Online CSC Registration Form 2021
  3. The CSC began in 2006 as part of the E-Governance Plans. At present, under’ Modern India’ it is one of the 31 Mission Mode Ventures.
  4. The principle behind CSC is to digitize many government schemes so that the operation can be carried out more easily. The issuing of certificates, licenses, and so on are part of this process. The ‘Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs)’ who will operate Traditional Service Centers will be handed over the job.
  5. The goal is to have in each of the Gram Panchayats at least one CSC. There are 2.5 lakh gram panchayats in the nation at present. The whole thing would be a culmination at the core level of private and public collaboration. Apply Online CSC Registration Form 2021
  6. At the state level, however, private companies known as the ‘Service Centre Agencies’ have been assigned the responsibility of recruiting the VLE.
  7. At the state level, however, private companies known as the ‘Service Centre Agencies’ have been assigned the responsibility of recruiting the VLE. The credentials are very limited to become a VLE. To promote participation from the villages, this has been achieved. The greater the interest, the greater the success of this scheme would be.

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Support stats: 
The present number, as per government reports, is as such:

  • 2.6 lakh VLE’s are in operation, providing facilities through the country’s 3,462 CSC centers. Apply Online CSC Registration Form 2021
  • The cumulative sum of the transaction completed in 2017 is Rs. 1,975 crore.
  • Services include registration of the Aadhar card and PAN card, booking of train tickets, downloading music and checking one’s bank balance or scheme eligibility details, etc.
    This is not all; the government is also aiming to make it simpler and hassle-free on offline services.

What is the Scheme of the Common Service Centre? Apply Online CSC Registration Form 2021 

  • The Popular Common Service Centre Scheme was started by the government of India. This was achieved as part of the Scheme for the National E-Governance Programme.
  • It aims to provide people with G2C (Government to Citizens) and B2C (Business to Citizens) services right under Bharat Nirman at their home.
  • The budget was allocated to 100,000 Common Service Centres in rural areas and 10000 CSCs in Urban India, as per this scheme.
  • The key cornerstones of this scheme are high quality and cost-effective e-government services.

CSC’s goals-

  1. The above-mentioned scheme is applied within the context of the PPP (Public-Private Partnership).
  2. Some of this scheme’s key characteristics are:
  • Focus in rural areas on entrepreneurship
  • Offering services also to the private sector
  • Special significance is given to Community needs
  • Playing a significant role in rural India’s growth and offering livelihoods
  • Offers to work as a spokesperson for various government and non-governmental services
  • One-stop solution for different services for G2C and B2C.
  • One CSC can cover six villages, roughly 6,00,000 of which are villages.

CSC Structure-

  • The 3-tier framework will be the basis of the PPP model.
  • It will be the responsibility of the State Designed Authority to administer and enforce the CSC services throughout the state. Apply Online CSC Registration Form 2021
  • Under the direction of the owner of the CSC, the Service Center Agency (SCA) will set up the CSC and also decide on locations for the Common Service Centre.
  • This will play a role in supporting the CSC in rural areas through a variety of state or local advertising campaigns. For the 500-1000 CSCs employed under him, the SCA is accountable.

What are the programs that Apply Online CSC Registration Form 2021?

In order to improve residents, CSC provides various utility payments and health check programs. It is aimed at making life easy and hassle-free.

The Resources List (In Detail)
1. Government to Consumer (G2C)

  • The following services are provided hereunder:
  • Services for Insurance
  • Services for Passports
  • Insurance companies’ premium collection services, such as LIC, SBI, ICICI Prudential, AVIVA DHFL and others,
  • {Birth/ Death Certificate etc.} E-Nagrik & E- District Facilities
  • Services for Pensions
  • Registration NIOS
  • Telemedicine from Apollo
  • Services from NIELIT
  • Printing and Registration Aadhar
  • PAN Card Card
  • Services for Elections
  • E-Courts and Facilities for Results
  • About CyberGram
  • Products of the Post Department

2. Company to Customer (B2C)
The following services are provided hereunder:

  • Cricket Course Online
  • IRCTC, Ticket Services for Air and Bus
  • DTH and Mobile Recharge
  • Course for English Speaking
  • Sales E-Commerce (Book, Electronics, Households Items, etc.)
  • Services for Agriculture
  • Bazaar CSC
  • E-Apprenticeship

3. Company to Company (B2B)

The following services are provided hereunder:

  • Study in the Industry
  • BPO Rural (Data Collection, Digitalization of Data)

4. Services for Education

The following services are provided hereunder:

Adult Literacy– Via this service, TARA Akshar++ will provide reading, writing, speaking, and listening services

IGNOU Services– Admission of candidates, information on courses being offered, Test Application Form, Declaration of results, etc. CSC can provide services.
Digital Literacy- Computer courses that develop the IT skills of ASHA and Anganwadi staff and approved Ration Cardholders will be encouraged through this service.

Investor Awareness Campaigns and the NABARD Financial Literacy Initiative will also be available.
MKCL Services-Maharashtra Information Corporation Limited (MKCL) will offer different vocational and technical courses via online mode.

NIELIT Facilities- Online registration/ collection of fees, submission of the online review form, and printing of the exam.

NIOS Services- Through the NIOS service, open schooling in rural areas, student registration, payment of examination fees, and declaration of results would be encouraged.

5. Inclusion of Financial

The following services are provided hereunder:
Banking- Various banking services such as Deposit, Withdrawal, Balance Enquiry, Account Statement, Revolving Deposit Accounts, Overdraft, Retail Loan, General Purpose Credit Card, Kisan Credit Card, Borrower Credit Facilities will be made available in rural areas via CSC. Almost 42 public, private sector services and regional rural banks have been connected to it.

Insurance- Through the Approved Village Level Entrepreneur, CSC will also provide insurance services (VLE). Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Agricultural Insurance, Personal Injury, and Motor Insurance have certain special features.
Pension- In rural and semi-urban regions, the national pension scheme is promoted by the opening of Tier 1 and Tier 2 accounts, deposit contributions, etc.

Additional Resources Apply Online CSC Registration Form 2021 :
The following services are provided hereunder:

Recruitment- The Indian Navy, Indian Army, and Indian Air Force Recruitment Notices are exchanged with people to provide them with an opportunity to join the armed forces.

Income Tax Filing- You can also file Income Tax Returns via CSC. The VLE Manual is available in English and Hindi, both languages.
What are the criteria for eligibility & other conditions?

In order to start a CSC (Common Service Centre) in your region, it is necessary to comply with the following eligibility criteria:

Eligibility for CSC Scheme Participation— Apply Online CSC Registration Form 2021 
A local person has to be the claimant.

Age- Must be 18 years of age.
Qualification— The applicant has to be eligible or equal to class 10.
Additional Criteria- He/she should be familiar with the local language well.He needs to have a basic understanding of English and computer skills.

  • Agriculture- They will obtain expert advice on weather details, soil information after the registration of the farmer.



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