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42 years old can apply for Govt Job | Uttarakhand sarkar 2020

42 years old can apply for Govt Job | Uttarakhand sarkar 2020

The recruitment and application process of Group-C in Uttarakhand was affected to a large extent due to the Covid-19 epidemic and lockdown. In such a situation, many candidates missed the opportunity to apply for Group-C.

The state government has brought a lot of good news for these candidates. Now the state government has given relaxation in the age limit for the application for Group-C posts and this relaxation has been given for one time only.

Those who have completed 42 years of age have been given another opportunity to apply for government service. The decision has been taken in view of Covid-19.

Yes, now people who have completed 42 years of age can also apply in the Group-C recruitment examination. The Department of Personnel and Vigilance has confirmed this news and has also issued orders.

Let it be said that for thousands of candidates, this was the last opportunity to apply and this decision of the government will benefit thousands of candidates.

The maximum age to apply for government services in the state is 42 years(42 years old can apply for Govt Job | Uttarakhand sarkar 2020).

The recruitment was postponed this year due to Kovid and those who had the last chance to apply, the opportunity was out of their hands. Now all the candidates are relieved after the government order.

After the issue of this order, the age of the candidates will now be calculated on the basis of 1 January 2020. With this, those candidates will also be able to apply, which was their last chance to apply.

Between January 1 and July 2020, those who have completed the age of 42 will be able to apply and take the exam. Due to Kovid, the Commission had to postpone the application and recruitment process and due to this, thousands of candidates were denied applications for government jobs, whose age has been completed.

He had requested relaxation in the age limit. At his request, the Chief Minister directed the Personnel Department to relax the age limit.

According to the order, the age limit is allowed to be calculated only for one time on the basis of 1 January 2020 and this benefit will not be valid in the future selection process after this period.

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